Secure Server Information

Registering for SB-Software products is safe and secure.

SB-Software credit card transactions are processed on a secured server using standard Internet Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt information. Encryption is the process of coding your message before it leaves your computer. To decode the message, the computer that receives your coded message must have the correct code to decode the message.

SSL uses a 128-bit encryption scheme, the most powerful level of encryption available on the Internet. SSL is virutally unbreakable; Industry experts predict that even the most powerful supercomputer would require over a trillion years to decode a single unauthorized SSL encrypted connection. SSL is built into all standard browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc) and encrypts the information before it leaves your computer.

All transactions conducted through SB-Software are secured and authenticated. The server hosting the registration page encodes all product and sales requests and notifies us of the transaction. We must access a secured document before reading the order information — no credit card data or other personal items are transmitted insecurely in the process. Further, we are using a real-time processing account where no credit card information is passed to us; all orders are authorized in real-time before an order is allowed to be completed.

The system is actually safer than giving a credit card number over the telephone, giving it to a food server, or even using it at the gas station. Yet we do all these things and never question this procedure. The system that we use is as safe as the automatic teller machines that most people are accustomed to using.

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