I have decided to include several of my shareware programs into a sort of "package deal". Most of these programs share a similar code base and it works out best of I just lump them all together. Paying the modest $15 shareware registration entitles you to use of all of the programs listed in this agreement.

Registration is good for all versions -- past, present, or future -- of the programs listed in this file. You only need to register once.

Paying the $15 registration fee entitles you to use of all of the following:

  1. SBNews/Newsbot ... SBNEWSxx.ZIP and/or SBN32_xx.ZIP
    An automated news retrieval utility. Automatically downloads, uudecodes, and displays images from binary newsgroups. Many bells and whistles.
  2. SBJV ... SBJV16xx.ZIP and/or SBJV32xx.ZIP
    Jpeg/Gif/Bmp/Pcx Image file viewer. Includes visual thumbnail index, catalog generator, and download categorizer.
  3. SBRail ... SBRAILxx.ZIP
    Model Railroad ScreenSaver.
  4. SB Image Explorer ...SBIMGxx.ZIP
    Image browsing utility; Similar in format to the popular Windows-95 Explorer. Supports thumbnail browsing, etc.

The registration policy is as follows:

  1. Mail $15 (a personal check made out to "Scott M. Baker" is fine) to my US-Mail address. Include your EMAIL address with the check.
  2. I will generate a registration code that corresponds to the email you included. I will email this registration code back to you at the address you provided.
  3. Load up newsbot/sbjv and select Register from the menu. Enter your email and the code I provided. The program will now be registered. [Note: For SBRail, the register info may be located by pushing <setup> from the Windows-95 screensaver configuration box]
  4. Your registration is good forever, and will be supported under ALL FUTURE VERSIONS of these programs.

Specific registration benefits include:

  1. Removal of "shareware delay" in SBNews/Newsbot, SBJV, and SBImg.
  2. Newsbot's automatic start command line feature.

Please do consider registering this shareware if you continue to use it. The programming is very involved and time consuming, and it really gives me a lot more incentive to add new features if I receive compensation for my work.

How to contact me:


Scott M. Baker

2241 W Labriego

Tucson, Az 85741

My Bulletin board:

The Not-Yet-Named BBS

(520) 544-4655 (USR Dual 14.4k)

(520) 797-8573 (USR Sportster 28.8k)


My Homepage:

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