What does it do?

SnapRecorder is designed to function with a Snappy Video Snapshot capture adapter to take unattended pictures and save them to disk. SnapRecorder includes a built in viewer with VCR-like controls to let you view the pictures after they've been downloaded.

What special features does it have?

  • Fully unattended operation and automatic start
  • Built in image viewer
  • Compresses images in the jpeg format
  • Automatically recycles old pictures to make room for new pictures (i.e. looping)
  • Uses the industry-standard TWAIN interface (probably works with twain-compliant devices other than snappy as well)

What kinds of applications is it good for?

  • Unattended video surveillance
  • Security
  • Remote operation

SnapRecorder uses the TWAIN interface, and may also work with capture devices other than the Snappy Video Snapshot.

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