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What does it do?

SnapRecorder is designed to function with a Snappy Video Snapshot capture adapter to take unattended pictures and save them to disk. SnapRecorder includes a built in viewer with VCR-like controls to let you view the pictures after they've been downloaded.

What special features does it have?

What kinds of applications is it good for?

What is the current development status?

I use SnapRecorder for unattended video capture at a remote site for my own use; This was the intended purpose of the program. It works for me and I routinely leave an old 486 snapping pictures for weeks at a time without any problems. The documentation is sparse, as I am not sure how much interest there is in this utility. If I see a significant amount of interest, I will continue development and implement user-suggested features. Submitting a registration fee is always a good way to encourage me to get things done.

Quick Start

  1. Configure your snappy or other twain source. Make sure your video hookup is complete, and snap a sample picture to make sure everything works. Exit the snappy software if you've loaded it.
  2. Run SnapRecorder from it's program-group icon, start menu, etc.
  3. Press the <Start> button
  4. SnapRecorder will begin automatically snapping pictures and saving them to disk.
  5. Press the <Stop> button when you're done.... Or let it run forever!


There are two limits which control how much disk space SnapRecorder will use:

The time limit is specified in seconds and indicates how often a picture will be taken. The time limit is effected by your computer's performance. For example, my Pentium II/266 can take a picture every 10 seconds. An old 486DX2/66 can take a maximum of one picture every 40 seconds, etc.

The "Disk Path" button will let you set the path to where files will be stored. The default is the directory \Program_Files\SnapRec\Images\. Any disk path will do -- it's your choice.

The automatic start checkbox, when checked will automatically start snapping whenever the program is loaded. This allows you to place SnapRecorder in your Windows95/98 startup folder and automatically start taking pictures when the program loads.

Viewing the Pictures

You can either be snapping or viewing pictures, but not both at the same time. So, if you are currently snapping, then click on the leftmost <Stop> button to stop snapping. This will enable the VCR buttons on the right panel. The buttons function as follows:


SnapRecorder is SHAREWARE, and if you use it, you must pay a registration fee. The fee is $19.95 and is payable online at Feel free to evaluate SnapRecorder for as long as is necessary for you to decide if it is worthwhile. Registering SnapRecorder entitles you to use of several other utilities, and more information is available online at

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