What people have to say about SB-Software!

I recently ran a small survey of registered users and asked them the simple question, "Why did you register?".

A combination of price and features with quadsucker. I searched for freeware alternatives, but was not satisfied with what I found. The fact that registering let me use all of your software was also a great bonus.

SB News is the best news robot I have tried.

I felt the SBNews and Quadsucker were superior. I also liked the fact that one fee covered all products on your site.

Your policy of a lifetime registration for a reasonable price is something I want to encourage and support.

Most important, you appear to support and improve the product regularly.overall your product is the best i know of for the price.you should be rewarded for your shareware support/efforts.

It is a good product that is reliable and easy to use. I feel it's creators deserve to be paid for this service.

I register everything I use regularly, and SB News is good value at under 20$. At higher prices I might have spent more time evaluating alternatives. With all the other products you offer I agree 20$ is too cheap, perhaps you should offer the full package for 30 or 35?

SBNews works good, It is almost the perfect news reader

I found SBNews Linked from newsreaders.com (I downloaded about ten products, but found SB News the nicest)

The product is very good for what I use it for and the promise of having support, additional functionality and no delay was appealing.

Good and interesting software which is running. I'm using it frequently. I agree with your policy.

I've been using Vortex for two months and I think it works great.

SBNews is the only program that does everything I need. Every other news program I tried was lacking some essential feature.

I tried several News-Readers, and I found that yours is one of the best I tried.

I wanted the pair of QuadSucker/News and /Web to download from newsgroups and web sites. Your deal on both of them is just what I was looking for.

It's convenient and works well. I registered within one day of downloading the program.

I support development of software and those who use their time and effort to do such work. I think people should be paid for their services.

Congratulations on Quadsucker. I have been using sbnews for a couple of years now, It's gonna' be difficult to decide, which for me, is the best.

I use SBNews all the time.

SBNews looked like the fullest-featured automatic news retrieval system for windows. I liked the fact that the documentation was listed online in HTML format, it made identifying features and functionality much easier.

I have been using the software for some time now,witch I was turned on to by a friend. We started talking the other day about your software,and said we should support you for your time you put in on creating this software.We also hope that you keep updating it to make it better if not,well it is great like it is!

I just registered SBNews. You should charge $29.95 since you are including all the rest of the software for "free".

First off, congrats on a great program. I'm a programmer myself and know how much work goes into a product like this.

QuadSucker exactly met my requirement according the documentation. I found the SB Software web site, and particularly the product documentation, to be clear, complete and professional. Thus, I concluded that the product will perform as described.

SBWcc does the job very well indeed, so you deserve payment for all your hardwork.

I love sortpics: registered shortly after the trial period ended.

Congratulations on a product well done (quadsucker/news)... Very impressive!

As a registered user of your software, I would like to say that you are doing an excellent job of writing useful software with unlimited functionality.

I just tried Quadsucker and it downloaded pictures twice as fast as that 'other' newsreader that I was using. Keep up the good work!

Binary Vortex an admirable program. Simple, straightforward, and small. That's great.

I have been using newsbot for 2 years now, and newsbot has served me better for longer than any other program I'm using now!

Hi there, and thank you for creating these beautiful products. I've been using SB programs for a while now and I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying them. These are the kinds of programs I had been looking for, for a long time.

I want to say thanks for building NewsRobot. I've been happily using my registered copy for several years.

Scott, I would like to thank you for all your work in creating your software. I have tried a couple of the programs and am very impressed with them. I will highly recommend them to others. Your software is the best value I have every purchased.

I found your page through download.com. I was astonished about the software you've created. Especially the application SBWcc. I have tried it and it's working perfectly.

I have been using your News Robot for the last few weeks and I'm very impressed with it. It a great tool to get binary files out of newsgroups.

I'm a long time user and supporter of your excellent software.Your programs are small, efficient and reliable.I also appreciate your privacy and pricing strategies, although I have sent additional registration fees on occasion to further support your programming efforts.

Incredible product I can't believe how well it works.

Good software package. I have also downloaded a couple of your other products & felt that the $19.95 registration fee was very resonable, especially since it covers all products.

SBNews has a bit of a learning curve, but after I got it working I found that it is superior to other similar products.

It works! I tried a lot of the freeware stuff, but this one was the only one that found to work like it said it would.

It is very convenient to use. You have continually improved it. Most important is great useability.

Great software that actually works deserves to be paid for. In fact, I have already registered SBnews a long time ago and still use it. I feel you deserve another $19.95.

I have been using SBnews for a while, and have compared it to all the other products out there and it is the BEST in terms of speed and ease of use

I registered because of your consistent support for existing and new software. Been a user for a long time and your STILL BEING AROUND has made me confident.

SBNews ia the most preferable software to download news in the world.

You deserve compensation. I registered immediately.

The ultimate reason for ordering is that you update your package constantly, you have a history, and you continue to improve your product.

I like the software, but the lifetime reg. on all your software was a huge plus

I tried it and liked the way it worked, so therfore I am using it and so I register what I use..

They seem to be well written stable apps - no bloatware, and they perform their specific functions efficiently.

good product, good help information, powerful but simple to use

I used it for years and thought it was a good program that you deserved to be paid for. And i got the counter to well over 300 seconds!

I'm sure with all the products in your package deal I was bound to use at least one all the time.

SBNews works, and works *very* well. I support shareware that I use consistantly. Those reasons brought me to your registration page. The fact that I am registering for *all* your software for life sealed the deal for me.

I like the picture viewer and slide show capabilities. General ease of use e.g. ability to enable & disable news groups for specific downloads, & parameters settings to reduce unwanted downloads.

SBNews is a Very Good program. When I saw that you offered a "lifetime" registration policy...AND also included the other SB-programs (that I was unaware of) in the package...I decided to go ahead and register......and also, of course, to stop the very frustrating, but appropriate, "Shareware Delay" screen.

Well, I've used your software for a while and I really think it's the best purpose-driven software...

I think I've tried all of the picture downloading softward out there. This was the best program, easiest to set up at the best price.

This is an incredible piece of software. I've used most of the news grabbers, even written a couple of simple ones myself. Nothing else comes close to the rich set of controls you have built. I only wish I had written it myself :-)

Great software, and I like to support those developers that take the time to produce quality software at an affordable price!

You have really done a super job with this program. I havebeen looking for this sort ofthing for a while and I finally located yours. It is easy to use and does everything I need.

I have been 'evaluating' SBNews for quite some time, and decided that it was time that I supported you and your efforts for this excellent product.

I've been using it for a while. It's a good product. You deserve to get paid.

Good product, works properly, worth the money.

I always register good quality shareware - it's the only way shareware can work,

I think all in all you are writing some good software and I use it enough to feel that I ought to pay you for it.

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