Visual Directory Explorer

(c) 1999 Scott M. Baker, SB-Software,

Visual Directory Explorer displays a pie chart depicting file sizes on your hard drive.

NewsFinder falls into my "special purpose/expert tool" category. It is not indended for novices. If you don't know what a public access news server is, or don't know why you would need to use one, then you can probably stop here. The documentation is sparse, it hasn't been as thoroughly "idiot-proofed" as my other software, and it might not even do anything useful for you.

How to use it:

A directory tree listing is present in the left hand panel. Clicking any component in the tree listing will cause it's subdirectories to be displayed in the pie chart. For example, if you click on the directory (c:\windows), the pie chart would displays "System", "System32", etc.

The pie chart is ordered based on file size -- bigger files get bigger slices.

What is it good for:

I use it when I'm running out of disk space. Sometimes it's hard to know what programs or files are taking up a lot of your disk space, and VDE can be a big help.

Contacting the Author:

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